“You have [GLITCH]!”

I am sure we can all imagine some logical excuse for the following described occurrence. However, I believe this is just the sort of event that points toward the existence of glitches in the matrix:

Teleporting Mail: Return to Sender……

I was anticipating some important mail today. I went outside, opened the mailbox, and saw the piece of mail I was waiting for sitting on top of a bunch of ads.

I grabbed the adds, folded it up like you would a taco (piece of mail in question is now inside and trapped in between the ads), and walked inside.

Once inside, I set the mail down on the counter and filled up the water bowl for the dogs. As I walked back to the mail and unfolded the ads, the piece of mail in question was nowhere to be found.

Baffled, I began pacing around the house trying to find it. I then think that I dropped it, so I retrace my steps back outside, nothing. I head back in, look around, and can’t find it anywhere.

At this point I’m in panic mode because it was something very important. I say what the hell, and go back to the mailbox. Of course you can guess, there it was, sitting in the mailbox.

I’m still stumped… the piece of mail was sitting on the very top of everything in the mailbox. I saw it remain on top as I pulled the mail out and folded it between those ads. There’s no way it could’ve fell out. It’s impossible, I saw it snugly trapped between the folded ads. If anything, it would’ve fallen on the ground because I saw it leave the mailbox, between the ads.

Very bizarre.

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