ParaNexus Universe (blasting from the past)

ParaNexus Universe

The ParaNexus Universe Podcast ran for 3 1/2 years with over 180 episodes and over 200,000 listeners. ParaNexus Universe discusses all things anomalous with a focus on tips, tools, and techniques for researchers and investigators.

Unfortunately ParaNexus Universe radio is no longer active (the last show was August 10, 2011) The show was primarily hosted by Doug Kelley and Grant Rubendunst, but other ParaNexus Board Members occasionally hosted the show.

The following table lists all available episodes hosted at Archive.org.

  1. Techniques for Paranormal Research with L’Aura Hladik
  2. New Approaches to Paranormal Research with Morgan Beall
  3. Psychic Self-Defense with Kristi Robinson
  4. Interview with Distinguished Parapsychologist, Dr. William G. Roll
  5. Experiences from Over a Decade of Paranormal Research with Dusty Smith
  6. Science, Psychology, Physiology and the Paranormal with Joey Ward
  7. Forbidden Archeology with Michael Cremo
  8. Sasquatch Research with Jason Valenti
  9. Flatwoods Monster with Frank Feschino, Jr. & Stanton Friedman
  10. The Hutchison Effect with John Hutchison
  11. Urban Legends with Chris Balzano
  12. Bob Hunnicutt
  13. Stan Romanek Case & Investigation with Stan Romanek
  14. Open Lines and Paranormal Discussion
  15. Public Parapsychology with Annalisa Ventola
  16. Ghost Excavator with John Sabol
  17. Bigfoot Research with Eric Altman
  18. UFOs and the Unexplained with Bill Knell
  19. Near-Death Experiences with Dr. P.M.H. Atwater
  20. Hauntings and UFOs with Bill Knell
  21. Beyond the Indigo Children with Dr. P.M.H. Atwater
  22. Civil War Battlefield Ghosts with Patrick Burke
  23. UFO Contactee Billy Meier–Fact or Fiction? with Michael Horn
  24. Georgia Bigfoot Hoax & Bigfoot Investigations with Eric Altman
  25. Resolving Hauntings with Psychic Medium, Lynda Fell
  26. Alien Abductions with Mike Jones
  27. Client Psychology on Paranormal Investigations
  28. The Best Place to Hide is in the Open with Project Camelot’s Bill Ryan & Kerry Cassidy
  29. Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection with Jerry Avalos
  30. We’re All Going to Die! –The Psychology of 2012 and Doomsday Prophecies et al.
  31. Excursions Into The Unknown with Dale Kaczmarek
  32. Alien Abduction Agenda with David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.
  33. Hairy Monsters of Myth & Legend with Scott Marlowe
  34. The Future of the Paranormal Field
  35. The Role of Psychics on Investigations with Gregory Kent
  36. Anomalous Phenomena with Ed Craft
  37. The Alien Hunter with Derrel Sims
  38. Leading and Managing a Research Group
  39. Alternative Healing Therapies With Michael Keleman
  40. UFOs: The Great Debate With Jeff Danelek
  41. Alien Abduction Regressions with Mike Jones
  42. Washington DC Hauntings with John Warfield
  43. Arizona Hauntings with Frank Madrid
  44. The Life & Times of Nikola Tesla with Marc Seifer
  45. Alien Abduction Regressions PART 2 with Mike Jones
  46. The Illusive Nature of Paranormal Activity
  47. Investigating Abductions and Alien Contact with Mary Zimmer
  48. Ghost Archeology: The Science of the Ordinary with John Sabol
  49. Dulce Base–Fact or Fiction? with Norio Hayakawa
  50. Commonalities Between Ghosts and Greys with Doug, Grant, & Mike
  51. Screening New Group Members & Handling Member Issues
  52. How to Start and Run a Paranormal Research Group
  53. Cryptozoology with Scott Marlowe
  54. Time Travel with Bob Otis
  55. Ouija Boards and Other Discussion with Doug & Grant
  56. A New Take on the Famous Patterson Bigfoot Film with Jeff Hilling
  57. Your Worst Nightmare: Supernatural Assault with Andrew Barnes & Paul Taitt
  58. Journeys into the Unknown with Brad Steiger
  59. Bringing the Anomalous Sciences into the Mainstream with Jari Mikkola
  60. What Makes an Effective Paranormal Investigator? with Doug & Grant
  61. Genuine UFO Contact Cases with Michael Horn
  62. Should I or Shouldn’t I? –Tips for Successful Investigations with Brian Parsons
  63. Life on Other Planets–It Does Exist! with Richard Phillips
  64. Supernatural Assault Part 2 with Andrew Barnes & Paul Taitt
  65. Psychic Readings and Investigations with Tony Coxx & John Rossi
  66. The Pseudo-Science of Anti-Ufology and the Cosmic Watergate with Stanton Friedman
  67. Abduction Phenomena Hosted by Mike Jones
  68. Reinventing the Anomalous Research Field – Panel Discussion
  69. Did ET’s engineer our DNA? with Stephen Mather-Lees
  70. Abduction Phenomena Hosted by Mike Jones
  71. Psychic Perspective: What are Hauntings and What Do the Entities Want?
  72. How to Effectively Review Evidence
  73. Abduction Phenomena Hosted by Mike Jones
  74. Helping Spirits During Investigations with Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony
  75. Investigating the Paranormal in Canada
  76. Bringing Credibility to the Anomalous Research Field with Jennifer Lauer
  77. Abduction Phenomena Hosted by Mike Jones
  78. Responsible Research: Separating Paranormal Fact from Fiction
  79. Psychic Perspective
  80. How to Host a Paranormal Conference with Seth Weiler
  81. Abduction Phenomena Hosted by Mike Jones
  82. Halloween Special
  83. Parapsychology with Kevin Costa
  84. Psychic Perspective with Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony
  85. Unusual Phenomena with Dr. John Turner
  86. Results from the Cedar Key, FL Investigation
  87. Abduction Phenomena Hosted by Mike Jones with Eric Watson
  88. What it Takes to Be an Anomalous Researcher
  89. EVP Research Tools & Techniques with Dr. Ingrid Irwin
  90. Conventional vs. Non Conventional Thoughts on Paranormal Research with Dave Desjardins
  91. Open Lines & Anomalous Phenomena Discussion
  92. Parapsychology & Quantum Physics Discussion with Doug and Grant
  93. Parapsychology & Quantum Entanglement with Dr. William Roll
  94. 100th Show Special: Voices from the Field
  95. Psychic Perspective Hosted by Gregory P Kent
  96. Open Discussion with Doug & Grant
  97. Spirit Possession and Anomalous Research in India with Gaurav Tiwari
  98. Telepathy–Common Among Dolphins? with Kevin Costa
  99. UFOs and Human Mutilations with Butch Witkowski
  100. Psychic Perspective Hosted by Gregory P. Kent
  101. Special Guest John Sabol, the Ghost Excavator
  102. EXEMPT FROM DISCLOSURE-The Black World of UFOs with Robert Collins
  103. Psychic Perspective Hosted by Gregory P. Kent
  104. Flatwoods Monster–What the MonsterQuest Episode Left Out with Frank Feschino, Jr.
  105. Paranormal Social Work with Barbara Huyser
  106. Physics of the Paranormal with David M. Rountree
  107. Experiments in Time Control with Dr. David Lewis Anderson
  108. Psychic Perspective Hosted by Gregory P. Kent
  109. LIVE Investigation Radio Broadcast-The Excavation of Farnam Manor
  110. Operation TANGO-SIERRA and Project SERPO with Steve Hammons
  111. Cryptid Research and Investigation in Ohio with Joedy Cook, Hosted by Brian Parsons
  112. Orbs, Infrasound, and EVP with Guest Steve Parsons
  113. LIVE Investigation – Crystal Caverns at Hupp’s Hill Battlefield
  114. Informal Paranormal Radio
  115. Psychic Perspective Hosted by Gregory P. Kent
  116. Informal Paranormal Radio
  117. Formulating Meaningful Hypotheses from EVP with Dale Hewey
  118. Informal Paranormal Radio
  119. Rolling Hills Asylum with Sharon Coyle, Hosted by John Rossi
  120. Informal Paranormal Radio
  121. Time Slips, Time Control, and Anomalous Parallels with Dr. David Lewis Anderson
  122. Informal Paranormal Radio
  123. Psychic Perspective Hosted by Gregory P. Kent
  124. Informal Paranormal Radio
  125. Abduction Phenomena with Travis Walton
  126. Informal Paranormal Radio
  127. Technology Used in Paranormal Research-Your Questions Answered with David M. Rountree
  128. Informal Paranormal Radio
  129. Florida UFO Investigations with Morgan Beall
  130. Informal Paranormal Radio
  131. Science, Consciousness, and the Trickster with Bill Sweet
  132. Informal Paranormal Radio
  133. Psychic Perspective with Jamie Best Hosted by Gregory P. Kent
  134. Informal Paranormal Radio
  135. Cryptozoology Research with Nick Redfern
  136. Informal Paranormal Radio
  137. Remote Viewing and Consciousness Projection with Jef Harvey
  138. Informal Paranormal Radio
  139. The Grey’s Agenda with Nigel Kerner
  140. Informal Paranormal Live at The Haunted Cottege
  141. Psychic Perspective with Michael Brooker Hosted by Gregory P. Kent
  142. Informal Paranormal interviews Robert E. Graves
  143. Near Death Experiences Research with Dr. Raymond Moody
  144. Informal Paranormal Radio
  145. Time Slips, the Psychology of EVP, & Ghost Gadgets with Steve Parsons & Ann Winsper
  146. Informal Paranormal Radio
  147. Skinwalkers with JC Johnson
  148. Informal Paranormal Radio
  149. Channeling, ET’s, and the Afterlife with Dr. Jon Klimo
  150. Informal Paranormal Radio
  151. Psychic Perspective: Autism and the Psychic Connection with Lori Del Rio
  152. Informal Paranormal Radio
  153. Lucid Dreaming, Sleep Paralysis, and Altered States with Ryan Hurd
  154. Historic Jordan Springs Resort with John Rossi
  155. Informal Paranormal Radio
  156. Weird, Scary & Unusual with James Willis
  157. Informal Paranormal Radio
  158. Paranormal Technology with David Rountree
  159. Informal Paranormal Radio
  160. Psychic Perspective: Using Psychics on Investigations Hosted by Lori Del Rio
  161. How to View and Benefit from Psychic Readings With Mark Anthony
  162. Ancient Aliens with Bill Birnes
  163. Alien Abductions and Animal Mutilations with Phil Hoyle
  164. 2010 Anomalous News in Review with Brian Parsons
  165. Military Encounters with UFOs in WWII with Keith Chester
  166. The NASA Conspiracies with Nick Redfern
  167. Disclosure -Pipedream or Future Reality? with Stephen Bassett
  168. Top Secret Classified Aircraft with Michael Schratt
  169. UFO Case Files with William Puckett
  170. Parapsychology–What it is and What it Should Be
  171. Tracking Ghosts and Chupacabras with Benjamin Radford
  172. The Mayan Book of the People and the Native American-Paranormal Connection with Ron Slusher
  173. Should We Worry About 2012? with John Ventre
  174. Science was Wrong with Stanton Friedman
  175. Conducting Historical Research Elizabeth Eagan-Cox
  176. Crop Circles with Patty Greer
  177. Developing and Interpreting Psychic Impressions
  178. The Current State and Future of Paranormal Research
  179. Bigfoot in Vermont–Trail Cam Photo with Steve Kulls
  180. Survival of Death Theories
  181. Adventures of a Parapsychologist with Dr. Andrew Nichols
  182. The Extraterrestrial Presence with Paul Hellyer
  183. Time Warps and Other World Mysteries with Lionel Fanthorpe
  184. The State of the UFO Field with Jerry Pippin
  185. 64 Years of UFO Research with Clifford Clift
  186. Past Lives and Paranormal Research with Melissa Watts
  187. Spirit Voices–Communication Between Worlds with Mark Cowden
  188. Recently Discovered Roswell Debris with Frank Kimbler
  189. Three Years of ParaNexus Universe Radio with Doug and Grant

Better get started listening now, you have a lot of catching-up to do 😉
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