Cynthia Sue on Déjà Vu

As I work to become more accustomed to blogging on the WordPress platform I wanted to try my hand at embedding a YouTube video. Entering the search term “glitch in the matrix” on the YouTube landing page yielded several results from which I selected the one presented here.

In her video Cynthia solicited comments from viewers and I am reprinting many of those here below the video.

Cynthia Sue Larson publishes the monthly RealityShifters eZine and maintains the website/blog

How to Spot Déjà Vu / A Glitch in the Matrix by Cynthia Sue Larson

Some culled comments from the video’s comments section:

Benjamin Breeg
Long time ago I was singing a Rolling Stones song in my head, pushed the radio button and the same song, same words, beat, the same section was playing in sync.

Always Smiling
One time I was walking outside on my day to day business and everything around me changed. It was like I was aware of not being apart of the scenery. Everything changed!!!!It was weird and amazing at the same time and I couldn’t stop looking or gazing into the sky. I googled walking outside the Matrix or something like that but I came upon your video and you hit it on the mark when you said Reality Shift. Have you heard of this happening before? It’s much more of a dramatic experience then what I can explain. I will wait for your reply. This has happened to many times that is why I believe David Icke when he says ” the world we live in is not solid.” Thanks for your reply.

Victoria Allen
Deja vu for me has always been a big thing. My experiences of Deja Vu happen way more than I think they should. For me it has always been that random feeling when all of a sudden you know that what you are doing or where you are at or what is happening around you has happened before. It is like as if I have lived a moment and somehow went back in time and relived that same moment over and while whatever that moment is happens my head spins and i feel like wooo this has happened before. I never really knew what to cal that feeling but i remeber asking my mom when I was younger and she told me that feeling is called Deja Vu. So to me the feeling that you have experienced a certain moment more than just once.
There are times when I can see these kind of visions that are more like future memories of things that have not yet hapened and when they happen I remember remembering them like I knew it was going to happen. Makes me wonder sometimes.

I don’t have an experience with deja vu like that, but something else strange recently happened that made me think of a time glitch as an only explanation. I’ve had a crack on screen of my cell phone for about a week. I don’t remember dropping it, and I didn’t see it happen. My kids also noticed the large diagonal crack, so I wasn’t dreaming. Last night I got a call and noticed that there was no crack and my phone screen looks as new as the day I got it. I’ve had it in my possession, so no one fixed it for me. It is just something that is not explainable.

True story: In 2005 my mom was driving us home from a doctor’s visit. It was a light rain, and the roads were still wet from it raining harder earlier. As we get close to home, we saw a wet, balled up black sweater in the middle of the road that we first thought was a dead cat. A few seconds later we saw a real dead black cat in the middle of the road – and the way the body position was is almost identical to the way the balled up sweater was. When we got home I literally said, “There’s a glitch in the matrix”.

Elena Christian
I’ve experienced this
I was waiting by the side of the road for my sister to pick me up. I saw her turn the corner-definitely her car, and I clearly saw her and my nephew inside- I looked down to pick up my bag, looked up again-and she was just at that moment turning the corner.

Leeta Gainey
Something similar happened to me! I was in my nursing class and we had a 15 minute break so I walked by the only guy in my class still sitting at his desk and when I got to the hallway he passed right by me walking back into the classroom I just left!!!

Cynthia Sue Larson
Norwegians aren’t the only ones to have had the word Vardøgr meaning “premonitory sound or sight of a person before he arrives” for hundreds of years; In Finnish Lapland, this concept has long been known as Etiäinen.

allan Walker
What i’m about to tell you is completely true. This has only happened to me once, and it was quite recently. I was the only person in my house at this time. Anyway, i was putting together a bike that i just bought with a spanner in the kitchen. Now, i put the spanner next to the bike on the floor and walked into the living room to rest for about 10 minutes. I came back and the spanner had completely dissapeared from where i left it. I was completely baffled. I searched the kitchen and living room from top to bottom, but i couldn’t find it. so out of frustration i decided to take another break in the living room. When i went back into the kitchen, the spanner had reappeared EXACTLY in the place where i left it. To this day, this experience still creeps me out. Besides this, i actually get deja vu quite often.

Je Suis Ce Que Je Suis
It’s my belief that these glitches occur all the time, but we don’t generally notice them because, well, our minds are not designed to recall future events. The sorts of people who notice them are those capable of tuning into their unconscious mind; what you might call psychically-attuned people. You become aware of these things and develop this type of psychic ability through having experienced many of these consciousness shifts. This is also the key to what’s considered traditional psychic ability.

Victoria Allen
I thought it was always just me forgetting where I put things or maybe just not remembering where things were placed properly. One simple example was about 2 years ago I was sitting on my friends couch and had sat my drink down in front of me on her coffee table. A few minutes later (knowing I sat my drink down in front of me) I reached out to grab my cup, when it wasn’t there I looked down and asked out loud “Where did my drink go?” we both knew I sat it down but couldnt find it anywhere in the livingroom. Somehow my drink had made it to a stand leading to her kitchen about 8 feet away from us… but neither of us saw it moved to that location. This “glich in the matrix” would seem to explain these kinds of happenings? I know that im not crazy and I can’t forget things like that of my drink moving experience… Im sure i would remember standing up, walking over and setting down my drink somewhere else (it was a sweet tea by the way lol).

My wife and I visited a monastery in Myorca, outside was a cafe and we decided to go in. Just before we entered I stopped and had a very profound experience, I told my wife that I had a memory of this place and I definitely been there before.I then began to describe in fine detail things like the furniture, the glass counter, a telephone that was out of view, even the owner who was bald that had a Salvador Dali moustache. When we went in my description was correct but my wife noticed there was no telephone, at that same moment a lady customer behind me asked the owner did they have a telephone because she could not see one. The owner replied ‘yes, sorry, it’s around the corner behind the first pillar’.I will always remember the look my wife gave me over her cup of coffee and her saying ‘ your’e weird’!

allan Walker
I think the idea that everything has already been coded for could explain why people get visions of things happening- because it was coded to happen, and therefore the person who received the vision somehow hacked into/acquired this coding data ( for a world that has already been coded for in terms of history from the stone age to the future-what’s going to take place)

Ronny Caspersen
I searched on the subject because I had an experience today. We were at Mc.Donalds, and first thing I noticed is that they changed the whole interior, with new order pillars where you punch in what you want. A whole bunch of them, brand new, and everything in there had gotten an overhall, except for the toilets. So we make our orders, and at the end of it, the machine wont take the creditcard. I push the screen a few times and it is just completely frozen. I go to get a emplyee to help solve the matter and he has the same experience, the machine is just not reaponding, stuck at the last page before check out – choose payment; mobile pay, credit card or cash. Right, it is just not working so he reboots the machine while we go to the counter to order instead. We go to sit and wait, food was done extremely quick for some reason. We eat it, and when we were just about finnished eating, I hear the faint sound of a babys cry, and before the first cry is at the end, it starts again and replays. That’s what it sounded like to me anyway, and I am a musician and audio technician, and I has been for years, so I know it was exactly the same sound I heard being replayed. And so I looked at my wife and asked did you hear that? The baby’s cry.. And she goes, yes I think so, and then I go, yes but did you hear it twice? And she goes, no.. I don’t think so, and then I go, they changed something! Well, I ought nothing more of it, but a short while after something major strange and random happened where I said something to her, that I am not going to repeat, but it was so random and strange, that I was really shocked why I would say that, and she got really hurt and we argued for hours afterwards. So.. I am also a Christian, and this morning, we had been praying with and for a brother who really needed a job, and so he was going to this job interview the same day. And he got it, which he called and told me about half an hour before this deja vu incident at Mc.Donalds. So I am thinking this. Out of the box a new angle here.. We were praying really hard, which means intercessing through to the heavenly realm, which is another dimension outside of the physical that we know and feel. Maybe the dark side, decided to push back and tried to break us up because we are posing a threat with all this intercessing for other people..? Just a thought

yesterday, march 11, 2016, im riding my exercise bike by my front window here in the Bronx, new york, and the strangest thing happened, as i was watching traffic on Webster, i noticed a box truck with the words, “Feeding the World” go by, at that same time a girl came around the corner to enter my building…nothing new there until about 3 minutes later, the same box truck with the words, “Feeding the World’ went by, and also the same girl came around the corner to enter my building…absolutely the wierdiest thing i’ve ever seen. i told an acquaintence and he said ‘ De Ja Vu? i don’t know. but definetely wierd…what is happening to this world?? and who is doing it, if anybody? and of course, Why?

Brad Miller
This is a real test for you Cynthia based on a personal experience I had and I hope you can help define it for me. I was reviewing in my office a television interview of an alleged survivor from this recent terror event in Paris. The interviewer asked the female survivor if she heard any screams at the concert where this terror event took place. Just at that second some girl outside my office screams really loud. My office door was closed and my headphones were on. This is the first time anyone has screamed near my office for the eleven years I have been there. I went out to see who it was and it turned out to be some goth punk band singer I have never met in my life doing a level check with a recorder and microphone. Now the odds for this happening defy coincidence in my opinion and so I am trying to formulate some explanations for this. Here is the list I have so far.
A: This was a glitch in the Matrix
B: This was a warning from a higher power that they watch my every move and that they can bring entities to bear upon me from the outside so I better be careful
C: This was a time traveler giving me a sign that time travel is possible and that my review of this online interview video was date stamped and their intervention coordinated to show me that the Paris event was also a time travel event.
D: My entire existence including my every move is predetermined and logged and something outside of this determined existence wished to give me a sign that chaos does exist and that if I choose to I can break the predetermined path.

allan Walker
In terms of reality shifts, i think we can also tell it has occurred because of the changes in people’s memories. I remember one time that 3 of my friends were telling me something quite shocking, and it was so shocking that we were discussing it for several weeks. About 3 months after that i brought up what they told me again, and for some strange reason they said they’d never told me that before, and acted like it was their first time hearing it. I was completely baffled and am still to this day. I don’t think this is a case of simply forgetting because it was only 3 months after 3 of them told me. My friends are fairly smart individuals, and i know for sure that they definitely wouldn’t forget telling me something like that. They seriously acted like they’d never heard it before, and were behaving like i did when they told me. There is a possibility that i could have shifted to a parallel universe, but one so similar to mine that i didn’t notice.

Brad Standlee
Past present and future exist at the same instant because it’s the way our brains are wired we have to see it in progression in order to make sense of it occasionally the particles hit us in reverse order

Have you experienced a “groundhog day” moment?
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