A Fine Eggs-ample

BuzzFeed ran a story by Christopher Hudspeth titled “12 Stories Of People Experiencing A Glitch In The Matrix That’ll Freak You Out” where he culled some freaky tales from several AskReddit threads.

Ink Blot Test 001

The magical, refilling dozen boiled eggs.

A man described an occasion in which he went to grab breakfast at a small buffet his work had every morning. The kitchen was deserted, as he went to a ceramic egg tray that contained 12 warm, fresh boiled eggs. He took one and went to a nearby garbage bin to peel off the shell, then he turned around, stunned. There were 12 eggs in the tray again. Nobody had entered the room while he was peeling, yet this quantum egg had inexplicably reappeared.

Read the full story here.

Have you ever experienced a sudden inexplicable shift in reality?
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