A Glitchy Cookie

Missing is not the half of it…

There is quite a lot of discussion about this Glitchy Matrix in which we find ourselves over on the reddit sub: r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix/ What follows is a simple tale of a simple glitch that illustrates how baffling occurrences can happen when you least expect them; becoming forever an unsolved mystery in your life

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Hi, this is my first post on this sub, it’s not very scary or dramatic but neither me or my oldest child can explain it.

Me (38f) and my son (14m) were sitting at the dining table one evening chatting and sharing a bakery bag of cookies.

The bag contained 5 cookies and my youngest kiddo didn’t want any, so my son and I joked about who was getting 3 and who was getting 2 (lol) – we decided to split the last cookie and have 2 and a half each!

I took 3 cookies out of the bag, split one in half and put his half back, looked in the bag, saw 2 and a half cookies and handed my son the bag, sat back and began enjoying much chocolatey chip goodness with my cup of coffee.

He took the bag and brought out one whole cookie and ate it while we chatted, then he pulled out a second cookie and done the same, then he pulled out a third cookie….

I asked him where the half went thinking we’d lucked out with a bag of 6 and he flipped the bag over and emptied the crumbs on the table.. the half was gone.

I know how dumb and insignificant this sounds but it really freaked us out, we were laughing about it but I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it! We looked everywhere (foolishly) lol but never found the other half of the cookie.

Have you ever been dumbfounded by the inexplicable? Tell your tale in the comments below

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